E-mail & Website Hosting by IT Systems, Ltd.

Basic Mail Hosting

If your company has basic mail needs, IT Systems offers e-mail hosting for as little as $2.00/mo. Our mail system is protected by several premium spam filters configured to prevent junk email from even reaching your inbox in the first place. Your inbox can be easily configured to work with the most popular e-mail clients including Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Apple Mail. Our e-mail system is also fully compatible with mobile solutions such as iPhones, Android phone, BlackBerries, and tablets.

Still have a Yahoo or AOL e-mail? IT Systems can get you the "name@mycompany.com"-style e-mail that you and your company deserves. In addition to supporting mail clients and mobile devices, we also offer an easy-to-use webmail interface that is completely free of advertisements that interrupt your work.