Skyvault Online Backup, Cloud Backup & File Backup Software by IT Systems, Ltd.

Skyvault Online Backup Features

"Every week, 12,000 laptops are lost or stolen in US airports."

-Dell & Ponemon Institute

Data backup is an essential part of any organization's disaster recovery plan. One in ten hard drives fails each year, and the cost of recovering data can be expensive – and success is never guaranteed. Losing mission-critical data can seriously impair a company's ability to progress, and in some case, can terminate the company all together.

Local backup solutions are veterans in the backup world, yet have several weaknesses in that they require personal time and effort. They're only as current as you remember to implement and safely store them, and if you're honest with yourself – does that happen as often as it should?

Skyvault takes the hassle out of backing up. As an online backup service, Skyvault automatically backs up files over the internet to secure data centers for storage. Skyvault uses 128-bit SSL data encryption, the same type of encryption utilized by the banking industry. Users simply select which files and folders should be backed up, and backups are performed automatically.

Skyvault supports Windows and Mac OS X operating systems, including Windows Server and Mac OS X Server. The server license is capable of backing up SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange, VMware, and Active Directory data.

Other features of Skyvault include:

  • Block-level incremental backups – only new or changed portions of files are backed up
  • Bandwidth throttling - limit how much of your internet connection is used during backups
  • Backup to local drive or network-attached storage